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We offer an array of wellness services for the Mind, Body and Spirit, not just chiropractic. We offer these services so that you and your family have the best opportunity to get healthy and stay healthy. Since the EnVitality Wellness Center is located within two premier fitness centers we are able to offer a more integrated approach for your health by combining chiropractic, deep tissue laser therapy, fitness, nutrition, massage, yoga, and more under one roof. These services are ideal for an ultimate healthy lifestyle, aka EnVitality. 

At EnVitality, we strongly believe in preventative care to maintain what has been gained, not just utilizing chiropractic when you are in pain. For example, just like the need to continue working out to maintain fitness levels, regular preventative adjustments preserve your level of health and helps prevent injuries and illness. We are available to help someone in pain, but prefer to transition patients wellness and preventative care.

You do not need to be a Club USA or The Gym Member to visit our offices.

These services are not included in your gym membership.

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